About this blog

Poco Mix Maadi??? Well, if the title sounds Greek to you, you are quite wrong 😦 But we are not surprised. Only the speakers of Spanglishka will get it, because they regularly “mix a little” and sometimes, even quite a lot of Spanish, English and Kannada. This is what linguists call code-mixing or code-switching, something that happens in all multilingual communities. If all this still sounds Greek to you, then we predict that you surely do not know Greek, speak only one language, and do not have friends who are multilinguals 🙂

Irrespective of whether you code-mix or not, we hope you will enjoy this blog on the various social, cognitive, historical, linguistic and most importantly, computational aspects of code-mixing. And don’t worry, it is written in English, which we believe you can read (unless you used some online translation service to read it so far).

We are a bunch of computer scientists and linguists, aka computational linguists, from Microsoft Research India, working on computational processing of code-mixed text and speech data. Besides building natural language technology and systems for code-mixed languages, we are also interested in studying the socio-linguistic and cognitive aspects of multilingualism. All this work comes under a project known as Project Mélange.